For Teens

12 - 17 Years Old

Teens are our future and we promise to be here for you to ease your stresses during boyfriend breakups, acne attacks and exam anxiety. We will customize each treatment based on your needs. Best of all, our completely safe, organic products mean that mom and dad will approve!


A Deep Cleansing Facial focusing on clearing impurities and hydrating the skin to reveal your natural beauty.

Manicure / Pedicures
Manicure / Pedicures

Create beach-ready feet with a full-on grooming of the nails and heels.

Sugaring / Waxing
Sugaring / Waxing

Body Sugaring is a method of hair removal, using 100% natural paste made up of only sugar, lemon, and water.

Facials Pricing (Him & Her)
Manicure / Pedicure Pricing
Sugaring / Waxing Pricing
Teen Custom Facial (30min)
Lotus Signature Facial (90min)
Fully customized facial featuring Algae Peel Off Masks! This unique mask can be applied right over the eyes and lips reaching areas other products fail to reach!

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